The Creative Hornist – book – Content: Parts 3 & 4

The Creative Hornist (published late September 2017)

Part 3: Inkiness Playing: The Benefits of an Aural Approach

Chapter 10: Recreating Recreating: Using Aural Tradition to Add Pizzazz to Interpretation

Ch. 11 The Ears Have It

Ch. 12 How to Have Fun on the Horn with Friends and Without Ink

Ch. 13: Technique Through Tunes: Using Familiar Tunes to Develop Technical and Aural Skills

Part 4: Improvisation

Ch. 14 Getting Started in Improvisation

Ch. 15 Improvised Duets as Collaborative Learning

Ch. 16 Ground Hog Day & the DA

Ch. 17 Improv Games Greatest Hits

Ch. 18 Improv Starter Kit