Soundpainting #1

Soundpainting is a gestural language that enables composition in real time with groups. It was invented over two decades ago by New York jazz players, composer, and conductor Walter Thompson and today has a complete vocabulary of over 1200 gestures, although anyone at any level can begin in one minute with four. Soundpainting is a very easy and effective way for classical musicians who have never improvised before to get started. Evan (for my $ one of the best SP conductors in the world) will be contributing an article on Soundpainting soon. In the meantime, we would like to give you the chance to sample some SP videos. Last year Evan produced 52 (count ’em: 52!) short (5′ – 10′) videos that explain and introduce SP gestures. We are going to offer them to you here at the rate (approximately) of one per week, although those with more curiosity than patience can access the complete series any time. Below is Evan’s Soundpainting #1 – enjoy! We may also feature other videos of SP performances. Questions? We love ’em – let us know!