Ideas! Cool stuff! New Tomorrows!

English: Flowchart for problem solving.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this blog is supposed to be about classical improv, etc., but I am a big fan of ideas in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Cool stuff is cool stuff. And: if you’re paying attention and think a bit, sometimes when you come across a DNA-bending Creative New Idea, you extrapolate and otherwise tweak or transplant the idea to other fields. Say, classical improv. Or horns. Anyway, here’s a fun article that you should definitely check out for just this reason:

32 Innovations that Will Change Your Tomorrow

Who can resist ideas like Analytical Undies (#3), The Shutup Gun (#14), Terrifying Playgrounds (#17), The Mind-Reading Shopping Cart (#21), Teeth That Think (#23), or Robo-Petting (#31)?

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