Improv Game of the Day: Write What You Can Sing


Everybody Sing (film)

1 player, i.e. you. You have 1 minute. Write a melody that you can easily sight sing. Now you have 30 seconds: write words to the melody. Theme: things you see or do on a farm (or any other topic of your choice). The words do not have to rhyme or make sense together. Don’t stop or delay to edit, polish, or criticize – just write as quickly as you can.

Sing it!

(Source: Charles Young)

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Improv Game of the Day: Substitution

Australian sheet music to "Little Miss Me...

1 player. Using the rhythms of any familiar tune that you can play by heart (all right, use sheet music if you absolutely have to) invent a new melody. Your choice of tonal or atonal. You may change the tempo to slower or faster, but keep the relationship of the note values. Advanced players may change meters. Repeat in all keys, creating an entirely new melody each time. Vary the style if you can (e.g. if the original was a folk song, make the new one a calypso, march, waltz, or dirge, etc.).

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