Improv Quote: Improv => Core of Music Curriculum

"Piano Improvisation III"

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Improvisation should be at the core of the music curriculum.
 It should come first 
and should remain at the core of music education
 throughout the later years of increasing expertise. 
Musicians educated with improvisation at the center 
will have a better-developed ability to think musically
—to deeply understand music 
as well as be better prepared to interpret written scores.

–R. Keith Sawyer

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Quote: Why is creativity not at the center of music curriculum?


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Creativity, which is nothing more or less than imagining something and then executing it, has been virtually removed from all but the most innovative curricula. This raises two questions: If the continuing presence of music is the cause of continuing to learn music; if the cause of music is human creativity, why is creativity not at the center of the music curriculum? Why is the act of thinking up music left just to a select few specialists, while re-presenting it, or over-verbalizing about it, is the province of so many?

–Harold Best, Music Curricula in the Future

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Improv Quote: Obsession with notation

In the West… aural tradition has essentially died out in relation to classical music. This great loss has been the result of what can only be described as our obsession with written notation, a clear symptom of our imprudent vulnerability to the power of all visual media from the printing press to the television screen.

—Bill Dobbins



Improv Quote of the Day: Clamoring for Creativity

In today’s world of music education, old-fashioned, lecture-based music appreciation and general music classes lack relevance for students, and, frankly, just don’t cut it anymore. Music history classes certainly have their place, especially at the college level. However, college students would clamor to register for music classes that offered them an opportunity to create their own music.

–Barbara Freedman