Improv Quote of the Day: Escape the Trap!

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Only the strongest egos escape the trap of perfectionism. To solve problems successfully, you must believe you can, must feel capable enough to improvise. Yet too many adults have been schooled away from their ability to experiment freely.

–Marsha Sinetar, To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love: The Spiritual Dimension of Entrepreneuring

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Improv Quote of the Day: One-Sided Education

Schoolhouse in Wheatland District #3, Garbutt

Existing education is … one-sided in another sense: it stresses some forms of learning but not others. [E.g.] most… universities still emphasize other-directed, face-to-face learning, while neglecting self-directed and independent learning. These weaknesses limit the abilities, values, attitudes and self-image that learners develop and thus have unfavourable consequences that part particularly problematic for the production of novelty.

–Arthur Cropley, Creativity in Education & Learning 

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Improv Quotes of the Day: Fun Speeds Learning

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Too many teachers are locked into being purveyors and transmitters of information, smiling supporters of acceptable behaviors, and, in the end, authorities who grade multiple-choice examinations. It would be better if teachers were mapmakers, distributors of tools, sowers of ideas, stimulators of creativity, guides to the puzzled, and models to growing children.

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