Conduction with Dino J.A. Deane and the Fluxcrew

I had the pleasure of performing with the ensemble SONE (separate post about this) at the Immediate Music Festival in Denver, CO on April 29 and then (2nd half of the concert) watching the remarkable Dino J.A. Deane use Butch Morris’s system of Conduction to create music with his virtuoso ensemble FLUXCREW. I’d heard about Conduction for a long time, but have never had the pleasure of being at a concert until this one. It was terrific – I enjoyed it all immensely. Dino says that he will be coming out with a book on Conduction soon – I expect to be first in line to get a copy! Anyone, here are clips from that concert – enjoy!


Cedarville Improv Residency Notes

Evan and I spent three days at Cedarville University in Ohio last week doing a creative residency. I thought I will share some thoughts, ideas, and impressions of our time there in this space.


We arrived almost at the same time at the Dayton airport (Evan coming from LaGuardia and me from the Eastern Iowa Airport) Tuesday evening  and were greeted by our host, Charlie Pagnard (pah-nard), trumpet professor at CU and principal trumpet in the Dayton S.O. Charlie was the soul of helpfulness and good cheer throughout our stay, the perfect host. He set us up in our quarters, a charming inn, and awarded us a van to use during our stay. We got a quick tour of the music building and then launched into a rehearsal for our recital two days hence. The bulk of the concert is improvised on the spot, but some of the pieces have composed parts, e.g. composed “A” section – free improv for a “B” section, with a return to A at the end and/or a coda section.

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