Cedarville Improv Residency Notes

Evan and I spent three days at Cedarville University in Ohio last week doing a creative residency. I thought I will share some thoughts, ideas, and impressions of our time there in this space.


We arrived almost at the same time at the Dayton airport (Evan coming from LaGuardia and me from the Eastern Iowa Airport) Tuesday evening  and were greeted by our host, Charlie Pagnard (pah-nard), trumpet professor at CU and principal trumpet in the Dayton S.O. Charlie was the soul of helpfulness and good cheer throughout our stay, the perfect host. He set us up in our quarters, a charming inn, and awarded us a van to use during our stay. We got a quick tour of the music building and then launched into a rehearsal for our recital two days hence. The bulk of the concert is improvised on the spot, but some of the pieces have composed parts, e.g. composed “A” section – free improv for a “B” section, with a return to A at the end and/or a coda section.

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We’re back…

Cedarville University

Evan and I are back in our respective stomping grounds (he: NYC; me: Iowa City) from our improv residency at Cedarville University. We had a thoroughly terrific time from wheels up to wheels down (except for anything having to do with airports) and we will be detailing our adventures in this space in the days to come. For the immediate moment, it’s catch-up time: make-up lessons, lesson prep, practice, etc. So cut us yet a modicum of slack and your patience shall be rewarded anon.


Improv Residency

Cedarville University

I/we will be taking a short break from posts. Evan and I are doing a 3 day improv residency at Cedarville University in Ohio. We will debrief in this space when we get back, but here’s a look at our schedule. We asked them to please use us to the last drop of blood, and they came up with a pretty varied and interesting schedule for us, which will include:

Working with large ensembles: Mixed and women’s choirs; symphonic band; jazz band; brass choir, and orchestra.

Discussions/demos/clinics with Music History class, Aural Skills Class, Irish Music class, Church Administration, Instrumental Conducting, Music Education

Jam sessions with students

Our recital (more of a Cital – no ‘re’ anything) of Really New Music

An improv recital with students who have done an afternoon improv workshop with us.

We can’t wait! We’ll be back next weekend and tell you about our adventures.