Improv Game of the Day: Interval Accompaniment

The intervals contained in the table are diato...

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2 players. Player One solos. Player Two builds an accompaniment out of two notes, i.e. one interval, i.e.

Minor second (m2), e.g. C – Db

Major second (M2), e.g. C – D

Minor third (m3), e.g. C – Eb

Major third (M3), e.g. C – E

Perfect fourth (P4), e.g. C – F

Tritone (TT), e.g. C – F#

Perfect fifth (P5), e.g. C – G

Minor sixth (m6), e.g. C – Ab

Major sixth (M6), e.g. C – A

Minor seventh (m7), e.g. C – Bb

Major seventh (M7), e.g. C – B

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