It’s been a busy start to the school year. Besides the regular horn teaching, I’m teaching Creativity in Music (where does music come from: improvisation and composition – for non majors) and Weird Music (a first year seminar – weird, meaning unfamiliar to incoming freshman). Lots of work, lots of fun. I will detail some of what we’re doing in these classes soon, but right now I just want to announce some other news:

I’m in the process of going over the proofs of three of my new improv books that are going to be published soon by GIA. You all are, of course, familiar with the big book (354 p.), Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians, and the first smaller book Improv Games for One Player (50 p.). Three more shorter books will be published in, say, 2 months (a guess):

•Improv Duets

•Improvised Chamber Music (for 4 players)

•Creative Pedagogy for Piano Teachers (with co-author Aura Strohschein)

It’s exciting to see them all come out at once. I think they will be very useful for musicians and teachers interested in improv and interested in integrating (non jazz) improv into lessons.

More info on these to follow.