Chris Johnston on Performance and Improvisation (Quote)


In the beginning, when clouds were God’s breath, and buffaloes roared without fear, and time was uncounted except by death and birth and the sky darkening, there was performance. And it was never counted as special or apart because it was and it was what happened and without it we thought there would be drought and insufficiency and possibly war when you wanted peace, or peace when you wanted war. So we moved and shook and spoke in sequences of unidentified languages and evoked harmony in ourselves and terror in our enemies. And we urged ourselves good fortune and bonded with each other and reinforced ourselves as tribe of reindeer or mountain or lyre bird.

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Music Instigator – Interview with Jeffrey Agrell

Bill Arnold interviewed me last month and just published the edited results on his web site, The Music Instigator (there are also a couple of embedded videos of me improvising with Lin Foulk and Werner Elmker). The audio interview is entitled: “Jeffrey Agrell – Improvisation for Everyone”

I’ve only listened to the beginning of it, but I think he did a good job in putting it together. And the title really sums it all up! Thanks, Bill!

Classical Jam Two 4 (Hn + perc)


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Improv Quotes of the Day: Music, the Brain, and Education

Improv Quotes of the Day: Music, the Brain, and Education

Quote excerpts from articles on the web site of the Dana Foundation ("Your gateway to information ...

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Improv Quote of the Day: Clamoring for Creativity

In today’s world of music education, old-fashioned, lecture-based music appreciation and general m...

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Soundpainting #17: Shapeline

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPjAE-QHsBw&w=420&h=315]...

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Interview with Lin Foulk & WMU Horn Quartet Improv

Interview with Lin Foulk & WMU Horn Quartet Improv

Wonderful radio interview with Western Michigan University Horn professor Lin Foulk and a WMU horn q...

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