NEW BOOK: The Creative Hornist by Jeffrey Agrell

My new book will be released on in the next couple weeks. It is The Creative Hornist: Essays, Rants, and Odes for the Classical Hornist on Creative Music Making

I am in the last stages working with the formatter/designer and cover artist; as soon as that is wrapped up, it will be released.

The Contents are in arranged in 7 Parts (30 Chapters), plus an Appendix (extra stuff!):

Preface and Pep Talk

Part 1: Getting Started: Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Creating?

Part 2: Adding Wow to Technical Routines

Part 3: Inkiness Playing: The Benefits of an Aural Approach

Part 4: Improvisation

Part 5: Composing

Part 6: Idea Generation

Part 7: Looking Ahead


In coming days, before the release, I will list the contents of each Part to whet your curiosity. Stay tuned!