Improv Game of the Day: Self Portrait

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat by Vincent van Go...

1 player. Take a minute and think about how you could describe yourself in words, or better, take pencil and paper and make a list: energetic, quick temper, athletic, afraid of snakes, nice hair, generous. Or: Adores ‘smores, kind to cats, collects ancient spoons, plays clawhammer banjo, devours romance novels, speaks French, can burp on command. Be honest: you don’t have to show anyone your list. In any case, depict yourself or some aspect of yourself in music. Record it. Do this again at various intervals. After some time, sit down with friends and food and listen to your various musical self-portraits.

Variation: Repeat the game, but do it with several friends who are musical and know you pretty well. Have each of them (or all together) portray you in spontaneous music. Repeat for everyone present.