Improv Game of the Day: Personal Spice

English: Spices in Mapusa Market, Goa, India.

2-4 players. Players use a common major scale – start with C major – but each is assigned a personal “spice” (i.e. dissonant) note as well. Players may use the spice tone at will, but remember that spices are powerful – a stew or other dish is usually best when spices are used judiciously.

Player 1: #4  (in C: F#)

Player 2: b6 (in C: Ab)

Player 3: b2 (in C: Db)

Player 4: #2 (in C: D#)

Variation: Restrict all players to the major pentatonic scale: 1 2 3 5 6 (in C: C D E G A) plus spice tone.

As usual: Repeat in all other keys.

And then: Repeat using other kinds of scales: dominant 7, minors, whole tone, diminished, etc.