Improv Game of the Day: Gallimaufry

4+ players. The object of this game is to have as varied and unusual timbres of instruments as possible. There are several ways to achieve this:

1) Have each player spend some time exploring extended techniques on her instrument and be ready to use them in a piece – the only tone that is not allowed is normal instrument tone.

2) Look for ways to influence the normal tone of the instrument, e.g. adding things that sizzle or twang or somehow change the sound, such as using a mute made out of something unusual.

3) Sing and play at the same time.

4) Bring household objects (found percussion) – anything from the garage, kitchen, or office that can make some kind of noise, e.g. crinkly plastic, power drill, whisk and bowl, plastic bottle half full of dry rice (shaker), and so on.

5) Create a new instrument or part of an instrument like your present instrument (e.g. string players might find materials that could serve as a bow, or they could use the bow on something else, like a cymbal, or saw, or sheet of tin; brass players might turn a garden hose into a hosaphone)

6) Visit the junkyard or garage sales for more unusual possibilities for noises.

After all players have one or more of these possibilities, create a piece, exploiting the new colors as much as possible.