Improv Game of the Day: Densities

3+ players. No key! Experiment with density of notes. Play some dense flurries of as many

notes per second as you can. Alternate with very sparse playing, e.g. one or two notes and


then stretches of silence (e.g. five to fifteen seconds).

Variation 1: Without saying so, pick another player and use the same densities she does.

Variation 2: Mentally pick another player and use the opposite densities that he does: when he is ‘flurrying’, you play sparsely.

Variation 3: Switch back and forth at will between playing independently, playing the same density as another player, and playing the opposite densities.

Variation 4: Make some of the notes of altered timbre, i.e. extended techniques.

Variation 5: Switch back and forth at will between your main instrument, your voice, and some kind of percussion (body, room, found, or small percussion instrument).

Variation 6: Add one or two percussionists who ignore the flurries and keep a steady beat.

Variation 7: One player at a time who ignores the flurries (but listens to the percussion, if present) and plays a long, lyrical line.