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English: Flowchart for problem solving.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this blog is supposed to be about classical improv, etc., but I am a big fan of ideas in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Cool stuff is cool stuff. And: if you’re paying attention and think a bit, sometimes when you come across a DNA-bending Creative New Idea, you extrapolate and otherwise tweak or transplant the idea to other fields. Say, classical improv. Or horns. Anyway, here’s a fun article that you should definitely check out for just this reason:

32 Innovations that Will Change Your Tomorrow

Who can resist ideas like Analytical Undies (#3), The Shutup Gun (#14), Terrifying Playgrounds (#17), The Mind-Reading Shopping Cart (#21), Teeth That Think (#23), or Robo-Petting (#31)?

Cool stuff. Makes you think, not something that a classical music education or environment is strong at (unless you’re the original people like Bach, Haydn, Mozart, who were spectacularly creative the first time they made all that stuff up).

As long as we’re at it, here’s another site that might nudge you toward ideas and creative thinking:

999 Ideas – “Your Source for New Ideas”

It’s a commercial site (the author makes $ by running ads in sidebars and marketing his e-books, etc.), but it offers a free newsletter on the subject (new ideas) as well as offering some (not all: I’m not interested in the religion and politics links) links on various topics, e.g. Interesting Ideas, Inventions, Problem Solving and Brainstorming, Fun Pages. Other Pages.

Other similar sites:

Entrepreneurship: Creative Thinking Activities and Games

Creative Thinking With Geniuses Like You (Creative people, techniques, ideas, teachers, books, links)

Creative Thinking – web site of creative thinking guru Michael Michalko – everyone should read his Thinkertoys. The site offers exercises, articles, techniques, interviews, resources, etc.

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