Improv Game of the Day: Economical Beauty

English: Pitch constellation - chromatic pitch...

1-4 players. Your challenge is to create the most beautiful melody possible – using only three pitches of your choice.

Pitches may be repeated at will or played in any register.

With two players, players should decide if pitches chosen may overlap or are exclusive.

An example of exclusive pitch choice using the C scale only might be:

Player 1: CEA

Player 2: DFG

With three players, there will necessarily be some overlap. Example:

Player 1: CGA

Player 2: DEF

Player 3: CEB

With four players, there will be even more overlap. Example:

Player 1: CDF

Player 2: DGB

Player 3: CAB

Player 4: EFA

Players may choose in each case to either relate to each other (listen, imitate, interact) or play independently.

Hint: Vary timbre, articulation, dynamics, note length; don’t forget to add silences.

As with almost every game, percussion may be added by an extra player or two.

Variation 1: Use four pitches.

Variation 2: Choose pitches from the full chromatic scale. Try both overlap and nonoverlap versions. Perform an experiment: is it easier to create a beautiful piece using overlapping or nonoverlapping pitch choices?

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