Jeffrey Agrell has been exploring nonjazz/classical improvisation since arriving at the University of Iowa in 2000. His recordings of this type include “Repercussions” (Wildwind Records), “Mosaic” (MSR Classics) with Duende (horn, piano & cello), “Side Show Tim” (Dane Records), and Soundings (MSR Classics), improvisations and compositions for horn, percussion, and electronica . He is a teacher, performer (horn), writer, composer, and improviser of contemporary classical music. His books, Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians Vol. I (2008, 354 p.) and Vol. II (2016, 374 p.) Improv Games for One Player, Improv Duets for Classical Musicians, and Improvised Chamber Music, Vocal Improvisation Games (with co-author Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman), and Creative Pedagogy for Piano Teachers (with co-author Aura Strohschein) are published by GIA Music. His day job for the past decade has been teaching horn at the University of Iowa. His first career was as a professional symphony musician during a rather lengthy visit to Switzerland. He has scratched a long-time creative itch over the years with over one hundred published articles, a horn blog, this improv blog, a composition blog, and several dozen published compositions (many recorded on CDs by various performers). He is a mostly former guitarist (folk, classical, jazz), but still has a closet full of guitars (some for sale) as well as an enthusiastic if amateur percussionist. Web site: University of Iowa Horn Studio Web Site.

Prof. Agrell is available for lectures, demonstrations, presentations, keynote addresses, workshops, concert, and residencies either together or singly. Contact jeffrey.agrell@gmail.com