CMS Study on Undergrad Music Major Curriculum – Highlights I

The College Music Society (CMS), under the leadership of President Patricia Shehan Campbell recently issued a “Report of the Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major” (TFUMM): “Transforming Music Study from its Foundations: A Manifesto for Progressive Change in the Undergraduate Preparation of Music Majors.”

We all should read the entire document, but it’s too long to be quoted here. Following are some key sentences that caught my eye:

The task force convened to consider “what it means to be an educated musician in the 21st Century.”

Despite repeated calls for change to assure the relevance of curricular content and skill development to music outside the academy, the academy has remained isolated, resistant to change, and too frequently regressive rather than progressive in its approach to undergraduate education.

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Improv Quote of the Day: Watch Out for Notes and Coloring Books

Improv Quote of the Day: Watch Out for Notes and Coloring Books

When you read music, 
there is a part of your creativity that shuts down. 
It's like learning ...

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Soundpainting #33: Two Questions


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Challenge to You (and to me) - Classical Improv Videos

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Improv Quote of the Day: Another Reason for Classical Improvisation

It’s extremely demanding to originate a cohesive melodic idea while asking the brain to pump o...

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Festival for Creative Pianists

Boy, I wish they had festivals like these for every instrument. Arthur Houle is the founder and d...

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